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Live Casino in Canada

It is an undeniable fact that gambling has become mainstream in Canada over the past decade and the demand continues to grow even further. Gambling has become like a form of entertainment in Canada, which has become popular among its residents. One particular aspect of gambling that has attained prominence among Canadians in recent times is Live casino games.

Unlike the regular casino games, the live variations are designed with the intention of replicating the reality of what can be experienced in real-life casinos. With these games, players get a chance to feel like they are playing in a physical location without necessarily being there. So far, more offshore live casino options keep bursting onto the betting scene, and because Canada’s laws regarding gambling are lenient, the residents are taking up on the opportunity.

This article will give a detailed picture of what live casinos are while discussing other aspects within the scope of the topic.

What is a live casino?

In plain terms, a live casino is an extension of what is attainable in brick-and-mortar casinos. In other words, they are like brick-and-mortar options played in real-time, where you can take part in, from the comfort of your homes or office. Live games are basically the table games that you are already familiar with. However, they are handled with live dealers.

As such, what live casinos majorly sell to you is the experience which you can’t get from playing the regular online casino games. In the next section, we will be looking extensively into the differences between live casino games and regular casino games.

Differences between playing in an online casino with live dealers and regular casinos

As you may already know, live casino games are practically new on the block as opposed to regular casino games which have been around for a while now. Here, we will be discussing some of the major differences between both.

Live dealer experience

This is easily one of the main factors that differentiates online casino games with live dealers from regular casinos. With casino live dealer games, the players taking part from the comfort of their mobile devices or PC, get the fair chance of reliving their experience playing with a live dealer as the game progresses.

On the other hand, this is different from what is attainable with regular online casinos because the dealer is a pre-programmed version. The experience tends to be bland and nothing realistic as compared to what the live dealers casino offer. The live dealer experience is something that is placed in high esteem, especially for players who have experienced the thrill that comes with playing in a physical location. They practically get to feel the atmosphere of playing in an actual gambling center without being there.

If you are wondering how it is possible for players to take part in the activities ongoing in a real-life casino, there is nothing more than live streaming service at play. How does this work? Well it’s pretty simple. The brick-and-mortar casinos work alongside software providers who create the gaming platform for online users. Essentially, these offline gambling centers feature high-definition cameras that aid the streaming of the action live. This way, the players dealing from the comfort of their homes get to see in full glare what’s going on in the tables.

The live casino online game also makes provision for a chat feature that makes it possible for the players online to communicate with the dealers in real-time.

Betting Limits

Another factor that distinguishes playing at live casinos from online casinos is the betting limit. Since the former is made with the intent to replicate what’s realistic in a brick-and-mortar casino, the betting limits tend to be higher. This explains why most players who have an experience with brick-and-mortar would take preference to playing at live casinos.

However, when it comes to online regular casinos the stakes are much higher. As a matter of fact for most regular online casino options, the minimum bet can be set at as low as 2 CAD. This contrasts with most live casinos, where the minimum stake is hardly below 20 CAD.

One factor that influences the high minimum stake of live tables is the high cost of running the gaming service. Expenses like the streaming service cost for the casinos are factored in, hence shooting the price high up. It also goes without saying that the maximum winnings attainable for live casinos tend to be higher. If you favour playing at low betting limits, then regular online casinos are for you. On the flip side, if you prefer playing where the stakes are high, then you will be best served at a live casino.

Table Capacity

As you would expect, since live dealer casinos are played in real-time, it runs on a first-come first-served basis. What this implies is that the seats available for each table are usually limited. If you come online at a time where they are taken, you have to bid time until they are free. You also have to factor in that there might be other people on the waiting list as well. It is basically like the survival of the fittest to get seats as you battle with others for a spot.

On the other hand, this is not the same with regular casinos where you can always get a chance to play whenever you come online. With the regular casino, you are not playing with a live dealer and other players, meaning you are allowed that privilege to join in whenever you like. This is one advantage playing at regular online casinos has over online live casinos. If you always want to play whenever you feel like, playing at regular casinos is just the best fit for you.

Time Limits

Live casino games are generally more fast-paced than the regular online tables. For live tables, the gameplay experience tries to replicate what is only ideal when playing at brick-and-mortar centres. If you have any experience playing at brick-and-mortar locations, you would understand how fast-paced it can be. By standard, most live tables only give a 15-20 seconds window to make decisions on your bets when playing.

The live online casino tables go as far as featuring green, yellow and red lights or stopwatch to reinforce urgency when playing. In this case, you are a bit pressured to fasten up your decision making process, which could sometimes leave room for errors. This also explains why when playing at live tables, you are expected to give your full attention to it 100%.

On the other hand with regular online casinos, you are given more freehand in deciding how fast or slow the game goes. You basically call the shots. You could easily pause, attend to something and come back when you feel you are ready. This rare privilege is one of the edge playing at regular online ones over live tables.

Gaming options

When it comes to gaming options, live ones are more limited than regular online casinos. Taking live casinos into account, you are only allowed about four game types, which are the classics like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.

This is not the same as the other where you can enjoy over 10 game types, asides the classics. For most players, this is the goal – to have a wide range of options you can pick from. The more options you tend to have, the better your chances. This is a constant whether you are playing at the best live casino online. This is another area where it seems as though regular online casinos are seen to be more beneficial than live tables.


If you check most sites and compare the live casino game selections to the regular ones, you would notice something oddly specific. For 90% of them, you are more likely to find more offerings of options under the regular casino section than the live casino section.

As a matter of fact, the live dealer space is relatively not as maximised as there are very limited software providers producing games in that niche. The reason is not so farfetched, given the running expenses that have to be accrued to be able to run a live table.

This differs with regular online games like slots where the game is just pre-programmed and can run simulations for years without any additional expenses of video and audio technology to keep it running. To even put things in perspective, the slots offered alone for most online casinos are usually more voluminous than what you would find in the entire live section.

However, it would suffice to add that the live dealer space is still new and there is expectation that more game providers would develop games within that niche. Regardless, one thing remains constant and it is the fact that it would hardly be up to what is already available in the regular casino section.

Live game providers in Rocketplay Casino

In this section, we will review the major live game providers that have become mainstay in Rocketplay casino.

Evolution Gaming

This is easily the biggest name on Rocketplay casino, a canada live casino, in terms of the quantity of live games offered on the platform. It is no surprise that the platform would feature games from this brand, given the values they hold dear and also considering how many award-winning games they have in the gambling space.

There is an almost even distribution of Evolution live games across the sub-categories under the live casino section of the website. From the live blackjack to live baccarat and the live poker category, there is a chance you would find them leading in terms of quantity provided.

Lucky Streak

This brand has not been in the online gambling scene for long but has so far earned the respect of Rocketplay, one of the best live dealer casino canada around. Lucky Streak is among the top-ranking games providers on the site with an exciting distribution of options across the sub-categories on the site. One sub-category that this provider seems to falter is the live roulette section, as there aren’t as many options in that particular section as you would find in other categories.

Pragmatic Play

This is another relatively new software provider in the iGaming scene that has so far earned the rights to be placed among the top. The distribution of games from this brand under the live section of Rocketplay casino is quite impressive. However, it is hard not to notice that they seem to provide more options under the Live Blackjack sub-category of the website.


This is one software provider that needs no introduction in the gaming space. If you are familiar with the iGaming space, you will agree that Playtech is one provider that keeps redefining the standards in the industry. This provider boasts an impressive coverage of live games across the sub-categories, and hardly seem to favour one over the other.


Ezugi does not provide as many options as you can find with some of the other providers discussed so far. The platform seems to have keen interest in providing more blackjack, baccarat and roulette games.

Absolute Live Gaming

Among the new generation software providers that recently burst onto the scene, this is one that deserves some recognition. On the Rocketplay platform, this provider seems to take a keen focus on the roulette sub-category, with next to nothing offered on other sub-categories.


This Russian-based software provider which recently surfaced in the iGaming scene in 2017 has so far proven to be the go-to for cutting edge games. The provider seems to have a prime focus on live roulette and poker games. Hence, it is no surprise that you can hardly find any live game from this provider at Rocketplay casino under the blackjack or baccarat division.

Authentic Gaming

This top-tier Maltese-based provider has been associated with a great deal of premium live tables in the past, which earns them a spot at Rocketplay casino. Authentic gaming seems to have a flair for producing roulette games, which explains why a bulk of their live games on the Rocketplay platform are roulette games.


It is very hard to discuss the greats as it pertains to game providers, without the mention of Spinomenal coming to fore. This game provider has so far made a name for themselves in the slots sector. However, they still try to hold their own when it comes to making live games. Despite their global popularity, it must be said that the coverage of live games from this provider on the Rocketplay casino platform is very limited.

Types of live games in Rocketplay casino

After taking a look at the main live games software providers on the Rocketplay platform, let’s brush up on the types of games you will find at the casino.


This is a big money live game where the sole aim of the player is to get a hand total that is higher than the dealers but not higher than 21. The blackjack category under the live section of the website leaves you with a ton of options to pick from.

As at the time of writing, you can find as many as 54 blackjack options, with selections from a broad spectrum of software providers as mentioned above. Evolution gaming takes the largest share of live blackjack offerings on the site, with over 20 options available.


The popularity of roulette has become so widespread, it has become a staple in most casinos across different continents. The online casino live roulette section is as extensive as blackjack with a plethora of options.

Once again, Evolution gaming stays leading under this online live casino roulette category, with an array of variations that promises a distinct gaming experience.


This is another classic live table game that needs no introduction. This game has grown to become the favourite of many because of the impressive returns it promises and ease of play. The baccarat sub-category of the Rocketplay live dealer casinos section has a large quantity of games when compared to the others.

As at the time of writing this review, there are just about four live baccarat games available, with Evolution Gaming still taking a large quota of it.


The popularity of poker is one that needs no emphasis. Virtually everyone who knows a thing or two about casinos, has a hint of what poker represents. The poker section of the Rocketplay live casino section presents an unflattering array of options.

At the time of writing , there are just five live poker options on the site. Three of them come from Evolution Gaming as expected, one comes from Playtech while the other comes from Ezugi.

Step-by-step instruction on how to play live dealer games in the Rocketplay casino

Now that you are armed with this much knowledge about Rocketplay casino, it is only right that you also get an idea on how to play new live casino options on the site, without any hassle. Follow the laid-down steps below to make that happen:

  • Navigate to the Rocketplay website.
  • Register an account or login to your already existing account.
  • Go to the “Deposit” icon by the top of the page.
  • Select your preferred currency, enter stake amount and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Complete the processing of your deposit.
  • Once your deposit has been sorted, navigate to the live casino section of the website
  • Select the category under the live dealer online casino section of the site you would like to play under.
  • Choose your preferred game under that category, explore your live casino bonus if you have and start playing.

Available Payment methods in live casino games in the Rocketplay casino for Casino players

The subject of funding your bet account will always remain very crucial, because that basically defines your gaming experience. At Rocketplay, this bit is easy for users as they provide a broad range of payment options that can be explored.

For players accessing the site from certain countries, some of these payment options are largely unavailable. However, this is not the case with Canadian players.

Here are the major payment methods that are available to users from Canada:

Credit Cards

These are easily the most harnessed option by Canadian players on casino sites by a wide margin because of how easy to use they can be. Payments with this mode of payment are practically instantaneous, with no charge on transactions.

Bank Transfer

This is the old-school method of making payment but still effective as ever. Which explains why a great deal of Canadian players opt for this when making payment. All that is required mostly is the casino’s account details and in a jiffy, your deposit will be processed.

Prepaid Cards

This type of payment method requires a third-party for the transactions to be finalised. You can easily get the cards from specific retail outlets like Astropay, Neosurf, Revolut and a host of others. One of the common downsides to this payment method is the charges that can be incurred using them.

Mobile Payment

This is a relatively new payment method on the block that requires you going through mobile operators to make payments on the website. One of the top mobile operators available on Rocketplay is Boku.

Instant Banking

The name of this payment method is pretty much self-explanatory. If you are looking for a quick payment method with low likelihood for glitches, this is one you can trust. It makes a case for the reason why it is widely popular among new live casino players on the Rocketplay platform. Some of the Instant Banking options available to Canadians are Instadebit, Citadel, InPay, PremierPay and a lot more. Instant banking also requires some charges for transactions to be processed but they are often almost irrelevant.


With the world now going digital, more crypto projects are surfacing so much that the public acceptance is becoming overwhelming. Considering the growing global acceptance, it is only rational that Rocketplay would provide it as part of the payment options available. This payment method has made payment rather swift, regardless of the bulk of the transaction.


Is it safe to play at Rocketplay casino?

Yes. One of the major concerns for a great deal of online players is security. With the crop of online casinos currently making waves, it is easy to fall into the wrong hands. Rocketplay has shown to be a casino platform that can be trusted. The platform has acquired licensing from Curacao and even the British Gaming Commission. All of these bodies are known to be very critical when scrutinising a casino before allowing it to operate.

Do I need a separate Rocketplay casino account to place live bets?

No. Your main account is more than enough to handle all gaming activities, whether you are playing the regular live tables or you are playing live tables. What is particularly important is that you fund your account with the right amount to sort your bets. Once you win, the payouts would reflect in your main casino account without any fuss.

Can I play Rocketplay live casino games from my mobile phone?

Yes. Ideally, there are more phone users navigating the Rocketplay platform than PC users. Having that in mind, Rocketplay casino made conscious efforts to feature live casino games that can render perfectly on mobile devices. As a matter of fact, it can be said that Rocketplay casinos favour mobile users to PC users. This way, anyone who accesses the site to play live games with their mobile phone can enjoy a swell time.

Can I speak to a live dealer?

Yes, you can do just that. In a practical sense, live dealer games were created with the sole purpose that you can play with live dealers. This is essentially what you get to enjoy when playing at brick-and-mortar casinos that is replicated in live casinos. The live games also make provision for a live chat feature. This way, even players that are dealing from their mobile phones or any other devices, can communicate effectively with the live dealer.


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