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Live roulette in Canadian online casino

Roulette is a popular table game at land-based casinos. Not everyone has the time to travel to a land-based casino to play games, compelling game software providers to create an online version of the live roulette game. Online live roulette gives you access to more than you can get from the game at a land-based casino. For example, you can play the game for free online, which is not possible at a land-based casino. The online game version is easier to play, making it a better choice for those who want to play for money.

One of the reliable gambling sites offering live dealer roulette to its customers in Canada is RocketPlay Casino. The site is easy to navigate and known for quality entertainment. Check below for more reasons to register on the site for this game and many other online casino games available there.

Is it possible to play roulette with a live dealer in RocketPlay Casino?

Yes, you can play roulette live on RocketPlay Casino, and you can also play the demo game for free. The free version is suitable for those that want to try out the game on this platform before they risk real money.

You can continue to play roulette for free on RocketPlay Casino for as long as you desire. Before playing the game here, you need to register an account or log in. The login process is fast and easy; you only need to provide your username and password to start.

Roulette is easy to locate on the site, and you can just check under the Live Casino category for this game. It is a top-quality game since the site partners with world-class game software providers to make live casino online roulette available to its customers. The game's platform is easy to navigate, ensuring beginners in roulette can play the game hassle-free here.

The game gives you a great opportunity to make money since it is easier to play than those at land-based casinos. Live online casino roulette on RocketPlay Casino is also accessible on mobile devices, enabling players to take the game with them everywhere they go. The gambling site offered bonuses to roulette players who could access the game at no cost.

The minimum bet required to play roulette on the platform is low, reducing the risk you have to take as a player on this site. You can also access different categories of roulette when you play live roulette casino online on the site, including classic style and French style. Both styles of roulette are not difficult to play. Even if you are new to the game, the customer service agents can guide you until you understand how to play and make money from it.

Why you should try live dealer roulette in RocketPlay Casino

You will find many sites offering online casinos live roulette today and they all claim to be the best. However, you cannot trust all of them for quality games. One site that will never disappoint you regarding roulette in Canada is RocketPlay Casino. This site offers one of the friendliest gambling sites ever, making it an excellent place to visit for the game.

RocketPlay Casino is designed to accommodate both beginners and professionals of online casino games. Suppose you have limited knowledge about casino online roulette live and would like to learn a thing or two about the game. In that case, you can access helpful learning tools on this platform that can transform you into a professional. Professional gamblers will also have good reasons to visit this site for roulette.

The site is welcoming and highly exciting. Its popularity is increasing in Canada and many other countries due to the exciting entertainment it offers when you play live roulette online casino. Since its inception to date, RocketPlay Casino has never recorded any downtime. So, players will have nothing to worry about when playing the game on the site.

In addition, gamblers on this site can access bonuses and offers when playing online live casino roulette. If you are new to the game and skeptical about risking your money, you can start by using the roulette bonuses to play the game. You can now choose to play with your own money as your level of confidence increases.

The roulette game on this site loads very fast, and the game is highly responsive. Registered members on RocketPlay Casino can play online live roulette on their mobile devices, removing the need to stay glued to their desktop computers for many hours each day before they can enjoy the game. The website is highly secure, providing complete protection for customers’ details and funds.

Rules of Live Roulette in RocketPlay online casino

Live roulette is an action-packed table game and one of the best online casino games. You stand a chance of making a lot of money from the game if you register with the best live roulette casino site. However, you must follow specific rules before you can play the game successfully, and we will show you some of the rules below.

European roulette has 37 pockets, with their numbering starting from zero to 36. The odd on this live casino roulette is better than many other live roulette games since its pockets are fewer. American roulette has pockets labeled with single zero and double zero.

The player is not restricted to a single number wagering and can make any bet combination on individual and group numbers. Bet combination takes place in the inside section of the table, and you can find various matching bet pairs in the outside section of the table. Casino players can try out each section without depositing money by playing free live roulette. The outside section covers 18 numbers, including red/black, even/odd, and high/low numbers.

The game features six 12-number bets called column and dozen bets; it also features 17-number bets on different parts of the table. Even those playing live roulette free on RocketPlay Casino can experience all these features of the game at no cost.

You need to develop a working strategy before you can have the hope of winning the game. Assess your strategy before applying it to real money on roulette live online. One popular strategy used in this game is the martingale strategy. Aside from a betting strategy, you also need a money management strategy that will help prevent irrecoverable losses.

The gambling site where you play the game matters a lot, so you should only play live online roulette on RocketPlay Casino. The gambling site is easy to navigate, and the graphics are impressive.

While it is possible to make a lot of money playing live roulette on RocketPlay Casino, it is still a risky adventure. So, do not risk more money than you can afford to lose. Try out the game for free until you gain adequate confidence to risk real money. You can also get ahead quickly if you take the time to learn from professional live roulette players.

Step-by-step guide on how to play live dealer roulette in RocketPlay Casino

Live roulette is a very simple game; even a beginner can bet on the game hassle-free. Before playing a live roulette casino game on RocketPlay Casino, you must register an account on the platform. You will need to log in and fund your account if you are already a member. You can play the game for free to try things out before risking real money.

The steps below can guide you on how to play the game on this platform:

  • Sign up or log in to an existing account on RocketPlay Casino.
  • Indicate the amount you want to bet. You can start with the minimum bet to play safe.
  • Choose the particular type of live roulette you would like to play.
  • Then place some chips on the table. All the choices you could make at a land-based casino are accessible here.
  • Spin the wheel to kick off the game. When the wheels stop in the pockets, you will be a winner if it hits the winning number. The live dealer will automatically pay your winnings from the live roulette online game. Alternatively, the live dealer will deduct the bet amount from your bankroll if you lose.

RocketPlay Casino offers several bonus opportunities to its customers, enabling them to access the game at no cost. You can even enjoy a no deposit bonus on the site, allowing you to play for money without spending your hard-earned money. The wagering requirements on the bonuses offered here are not difficult to attain, making this site a good one to consider when looking for the best online live roulette casino.

Before playing roulette online, you must first learn how to play the game. It can be challenging for a beginner to understand the game, especially if you have not previously experienced the land-based casino version. Online casino with live roulette, RocketPlay Casino, and some other gambling sites offer helpful tutorials to their customers.

Is it possible to play live roulette on a mobile phone in RocketPlay Casino?

Yes, you can play this game on your mobile device as a registered member of RocketPlay Casino. The site offers an intuitive gaming platform to make the game easy for its customers. The mobile access makes this site a good choice when looking for the best live roulette online casino.

Thanks to the mobile gaming experience, you will not have to stick to your computer before playing roulette on this platform. The mobile access enables players to take the game with them everywhere. You will not miss any opportunity to make money if you play live roulette Canada via RocketPlay Casino’s mobile platform.

The mobile version will not put you at a disadvantage in any way. Everything you can access when playing the game on your desktop computer is also available to mobile players. The improved mobility offered by the mobile platform places it several steps ahead of the desktop version, making it a better choice for those who want to play live roulette online Canada.

The mobile platform is straightforward to navigate, and its graphics are alluring, keeping the players interested and excited throughout the game. You can sign up for an account on RocketPlay Casino to play casino live roulette on the site through the mobile platform. Since the site is easy to navigate, even a beginner will not find it challenging to use at all.

Both desktop and mobile live roulette players on RocketPlay Casino can access the same level of security and quality of customer service. The site offers mobile players special bonuses not available to desktop players. So, you are better off playing online roulette live via your mobile device than on a desktop computer. The mobile version is accessible via all mobile operating systems.

Live roulette software providers at RocketPlay Casino

RocketPlay Casino does not provide live roulette by itself; instead, the site partners with third-party companies that offer its customers live roulette games. RocketPlay Casino only acts as an intermediary between the game software providers and the online casino player. The site partners with quality live roulette software providers, making it a good choice for anyone looking for the best live roulette casino in Canada.

Before partnering with any third parties offering live roulette, RocketPlay Casino assesses the quality of the games each offers. The company only partners with third parties providing simple, clear, and effective software so customers can enjoy live French roulette hassle-free. They also partner with companies offering quality customer service that can quickly and effectively resolve registered members' problems while accessing the software.

RocketPlay Casino review experts also test the game's demo version to assess customer experience better when playing the game. Players can also access free online live roulette to try out the game before using real money.

The site equally carried out an adequate investigation of the software provider’s reputation to avoid exposing its customers to security breaches. Many game software providers offering Live Roulette also offer many other games, and they update the games frequently, enabling the casino players to access the latest version of their games. Virtually all the third-party game providers partnering with RocketPlay Casino also offer live roulette mobile versions.

Some of the live roulette software providers available on RocketPlay Casino are:

  • Amatic Industries
  • Booongo gaming
  • Amusnet Interactive
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play’n Go
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • VIVO Gaming
  • Nucleus Gaming
  • CT Interactive

Types of roulette live games and their features in RocketPlay Casino

The following are the types of roulette you can access on RocketPlay Casino

European roulette

It is similar to American roulette but still maintains some differences. The house edge on the European roulette is half of the American roulette. So, players can make money better when they play European roulette on RocketPlay Casino. The site offers live roulette no deposit bonus, enabling its customers to play European roulette at no cost.

American roulette

This form of live roulette is always exciting and will keep the casino players on the edge of their seats. Many online casino players see American roulette as the standard. The house edge you will encounter is low but far higher than that of European roulette. This version is a good choice if you want to play live roulette and make money. The money-making opportunity is high since its house edge on single number bets is 5.3% or thereabout.

Double ball roulette

Those desiring to play live dealer roulette online via RocketPlay Casino can also access the double ball roulette. The game differs because the player can access another white ball for a more engaging gaming experience. The excitement you can get from this game is more than what the standard live roulette game offers.

Multi-wheel roulette

The multi-wheel roulette offers a better gaming experience than double ball roulette, and it makes live roulette gambling a lot more exciting on RocketPlay Casino. You will be wagering on up to eight balls in this game instead of just one. You can also place the same bet on all the active wheels, ensuring you do not bet eight times in each round. You can also choose the preferred ones among the eight wheels.

Land-based casinos do not commonly offer this roulette game, but you can enjoy it to the fullest on RocketPlay Casino. Its visual display and graphics are out of this world, compelling gamblers to stay glued for a long time. The game’s interface on RocketPlay Casino is also simple, making it easy to navigate and play for both beginners and professional live roulette players. RocketPlay Casino is a safe platform. So, you have nothing to worry about when you play multi-wheel roulette here.

Rapid roulette

If you are one for video roulette, RocketPlay Casino is the right place to visit for that. Rapid roulette features a very low house edge, making it much easier for the customers to make money. However, you can only profit considerably after betting on several spins. The game is available in video form, making it distinct from other forms of live roulette games available on this platform. So, you will be playing your game on a video board when you play rapid roulette or video roulette.

The wheels in rapid roulette may or may not have a human dealer; the machine may deploy the ball electronically; it is also not a virtual wheel. The chance of making a profit is higher in this game than in many other live roulette games. It is much easier to get your payout when you pay rapid roulette on RocketPlay Casino since the payout is automatic and immediate, enabling the players to have adequate funds to prepare for their next game. Not many gambling sites offer video roulette, but you can enjoy the game on RocketPlay Casino. You can call video roulette a quick in-and-out version of roulette.

Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is an extremely simplified version of regular online roulette. The game offers everything you can get from the normal roulette game, and you must follow the usual roulette procedures to access it. Nevertheless, it offers only 13 numbers instead of the 37 or 38 on the standard European or American roulette.

If the ball hits zero, the bet not covering zero will lose only half in mini roulette, unlike the standard roulette in which such a bet will lose all. Many consider mini roulette a novelty compared to any of the standard live roulettes offered by RocketPlay Casino.

Pros and cons of playing live roulette


  • You can access online live roulette free, removing the need to risk your money on the game until you understand how to play better.
  • Players can also access a live roulette bonus, which is not accessible to land-based casino roulette players.
  • You can access the game anytime and anywhere on your mobile without visiting a land-based casino.


  • Playing roulette online prevents association with other players, robbing you of the social experience you can get when you play the game at a land-based casino.
  • You stand the chance of losing against the house frequently, and this can cause frustration. The issue can arise even if you play on the best live dealer roulette casinos, like RocketPlay Casino.
  • The internet brings live roulette closer to you, and this can lead to addiction.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need a separate account to play live casino roulette?

No, there is no need to open a separate account to play live casino roulette on RocketPlay Casino. You can access all the games this site offers using the same account you use in playing other games.

Which live roulette game to choose?

RocketPlay Casino offers several live roulette games, and you can play any of them. There are some levels of similarities among the games, but they also differ in certain areas. If you are new to live roulette on this platform, you can take some time to try out each available live roulette game until you find one that is suitable for you.

Which online casino offers the best live dealer roulette?

RocketPlay Casino is the best one out there. The site offers specific features that you can rarely find on many other online casinos offering live dealer roulette. For example, you can play live bitcoin roulette on this site, where you can bet using Bitcoin. The site supports some other forms of cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin.

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